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Taxpayer Money Floating Away on Georgetown Aerial Gondola Project
06/29/2016 at 06:58 am - Michi Iljazi


Washington D.C. wastes a great deal of taxpayer money every day, and with the national debt approaching $20 trillion, the need to eliminate waste from government couldn’t be any clearer. Unfortunately, the ways in which public officials think of ways to waste public money never ends. The latest ridiculous idea is the plan to build an aerial gondola system to be used as public transit between D.C. and Virginia over the Potomac River.  This public gondola system is being debated at a time when the Washington Metro system routinely catches on fire. The idea for a gondola started last year with the DC/Virginia business community. After it was determined that a feasibility study for the gondola project would cost about $200,000, those advocating for the project privately raised $130,000 and needed $35,000 each from the District of Columbia and Virginia in order to move forward.  In 2015 Washington D.C. used their budget plan to test drive the study with taxpayer money. Earlier this year, Arlington County moved forward with the feasibility study by putting up their share of taxpayer funds.

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